Hero Introduction – Elena

Hero Introduction – Elena

Hi guys.
We’re burning hard for the beta test of Extocium.
Now I’m going to write a little piece about Extocium here.

*All articles on this website are using Google Translate, so please understand if the words are a bit strange.

Hero Introduction - Elena

Extocium is a game based on pvp, pk, and hunting.
So the system is very simple.
Extocium doesn’t have such a huge story system,
but it has a simple story that opens the door to this world.

While enjoying hunting in the field,
you may occasionally find stories about them in abandoned letters.

Check out Elena’s story here.

Hero Introduction - Elena - front
Elena front
Hero Introduction - Elena - back
Elena back

When summoning a hero in Extocium,
2 of the 7 skills inherent in each hero are randomly selected.

What skills will you get?
Elena is a non-attribute hero, and her skill pool is as follows.

SkillIconcontentsloot prob
RushCharges forward,
dealing Damage to enemies within range.  
MeditationRecovers your MP per second
and Reduces incoming Damage.
Power attackSwings the sword powerfully forward.
Enemies within range take Damage.  
Throwing bombsThrows bombs forward.
Enemies within range take damage.  
Wrong mana ballThrows a huge mana ball forward.
Deals Damage per tick to enemies within range.  
Mana errorPowerful mana balls are fired in the front.
Inflicts Damage per shot to enemies within range.  
Mysterious revelationThe protection of light comes down powerfully around you.
Inflicts Damage and knocks back enemies within range.
Damaged enemies increase their MP consumption.  
Elena’s Skill List

Elena is composed mainly of relatively simple attack skills.
Among the 7 heroes, she is the only one with MP recovery skill.

Also, among the 7 heroes, MP consumption is on the low side.
Besides, Elena is non-attribute, so she only receives additional damage from Ishtar, which is light.

Should I say that she is an easy-going but tough character?
I hope this information will help you strategize.

I’ll come back with another story.
see you again.

Hero Introduction – Elena

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