⏰Alpha testing is in progress.

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈

We do alpha testing to test user access.
You can access EXTOCIUM by downloading the apk posted on the website. ( for android phone only )

⚙️Fixed an issue where some accounts could not access Metamask in the alpha test version. ( EXTOCIUM_alpha_221028 )

✅You can play through your Android phone or BlueStacks 5
📤The client version may be updated at any time.

Alpha testing is in progress.

🦊Please understand that MetaMask authentication is absolutely necessary to access the game.🦊

✔️In this test, access to NFTs or crypto is impossible at all,
and you can only try simple hunting with the basic soul character.
Also, items and gold do not drop.

✔️We have our servers located in East Asia, so we want to see how well the pings work when connected from different parts of the world.

✔️This is not an official server open,
and all your play data will be removed after 1 week.

👇🏽If you have tried the test, we would be very grateful if you could also participate in the survey below.👇🏽

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