📢Information on Minting

Regarding hero NFT minting,
we deeply apologize for the fact that there are people who cannot play the game with a small amount of minting.😔

Our top priority is to build a game environment where NFTs work well, rather than selling NFTs in large quantities and ignoring them.

Since there are not that many references to NFT games,
various issues arise in the trading environment.

We believe that such issues should be thoroughly reviewed and NFTs should be sold to customers in a safe state.

It takes quite some time to deal with these bugs,
and we are running beta tests to fix them.
Just be patient and wait a bit, we will give you the right amount of hero NFT minting.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in EXTOCIUM, and we will do our best to develop and repay you.

thank you❤️

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