🚀Today’s minting notice

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈

We’ve confirmed that the BSC network is back to normal, so we’re about to start minting again.

During the time listed below, we turn on the novice mode (granting priority for 0.01 BNB purchases for accounts that have not purchased heroes) and randomly mint +50 random hero NFTs.

👉🕔KST : 2022-12-13 01:00 PM ~ 06:00 PM

It may take some time for the listing to appear on the market.

📢This minting will test the novice mode. 📢

✅In order to prevent NFT hoarding of specific accounts, we are temporarily testing the following rules in this minting.

During the minting time, according to the novice mode,
0.01 BNB NFTs can only be purchased by accounts that do not have heroes.

✅When the minting time is over, all accounts can trade normally again.

  • stat total value 15 : 0.01BNB
  • stat total value 16 : 0.02BNB
  • stat total value 17 : 0.08BNB
  • stat total value 18 : 0.33BNB

thank you.❤️

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