📢Advance notice of minting-related improvements

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈
We have been minting for 3 weeks, and based on this data, we are preparing the following improvement measures.

First, the problem we found.

  1. About 40 of the current concurrent users are bots that only trade 0.01 BNB and resell at a higher price. They judged that it was not helpful to the game ecosystem at all. Users who want to play the actual game are buying heroes at a higher price from them.
  2. We gave priority to purchases to accounts that did not purchase heroes, but only new accounts presumed to be bots increased rapidly.
  3. They are always waiting regardless of whether the minting time is set or random. It is not easy for ordinary users to win in competition with them. Even if we do more minting because of the large influx of users, they will run more bot systems. This is fundamentally seen as a problem that can only be improved by reducing the revenue they make from reselling NFTs.

So, we are preparing the following plans, and we plan to implement them in order.

  1. First, increase the price of 0.01 and 0.02 bnb to 0.02 and 0.03 bnb, respectively, and proceed with further minting
  2. If it is useless here, it rises to 0.03 and 0.04bnb, respectively.
    We test this to see if it sells.
    ✅And we are considering returning benefits such as XTO payments to those who hold and play these issued NFTs for a long time.
    ✅If there are people who can only play the game with 0.01BNB, it seems better to hold an event, draw a lottery, and give them NFTs.
  3. Added a rule that requires hero level 15 when selling on the exchange in the client update scheduled to apply for store approval around next Wednesday
  4. Only one NFT minted with EXTOCIUM can be purchased per account per day, and it takes 10 days to resell if it is below a certain price.

thank you.

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