📢XTO and Bank Check Patch Notice

First of all,
we apologize for the lengthy maintenance of the current XTO swap. We will inform you of the completion time as follows.

🕔KST : 2022-12-18 02:00 PM

When the patch is complete,
we will re-announce what we’ve been working on.

✅When the patch is complete, the Bank NPC will return,
and you will be able to use the Gold Bank and swap XTO as before.

✅If the patch is complete and there are no problems with the BSC network, minting will be announced again.
▶️When minting resumes, as previously announced, we will test the price of 0.01 and 0.02 NFTs by one step to prevent resale.

During the beta test period, we are making various efforts to build a safe and fair XTO and game environment. While improving the system is time consuming, it will be a valuable asset for us.
We ask for your understanding.

thank you.

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