⛔Bug fixes and permanent ban on wallets exploiting bugs, information on XTO address change

EXTOCIUM will inform you.

New XTO addr : 0x807374525bbBAFA03bcd310129a2Aa712ab9280c

We’ve gone through a lot of abusing and bugfixing through testing over the past month.

Thank you again to all the users who reported abusers for the XTO ecosystem and helped us fix our shortcomings with quick bug reports.

In addition, we did our best to find abusing and abusers in order to reward the good users who are growing heroes under their own efforts in a normal way. This has been and will continue to be done through several bugs.

During the beta test period, we revealed that if there is a critical problem with generating XTO and gold, the data can be reset. This is a measure to clearly fix predicted problems before the full-scale game begins.

We recently found users who acquired a lot of goods through duplicate XTO drops. It took quite a while for them to pull out a list of wallets and wallets.

All of the accounts below are intertwined, and it is believed that a small number of abusing users created numerous accounts to accumulate wealth by exploiting the bug.

According to the Terms of Use, we will take tougher measures against accounts that accumulate XTO and game goods by exploiting bugs without reporting them.

  • In order to collect the incorrectly issued XTO, the XTO address change operation is in progress once again. (This is for the sake of the ecosystem, so please understand.)
  • The XTO of the accounts below will all be changed to 0.
  • All growth records of NFTs owned by the accounts below will be reset.
  • All data in the game account linked to the wallet below will be initialized. (Remove all play history such as gold, items, and TP)
  • All accounts below are blocked.
2022-12-15 BLOCK LIST
parents0x7f6b370749fc05a12f018d3352449bba19dfbb963,23411RESET / BLOCK
0xbd9f1ffdca771937b70ec221c1cd465514a2f746  RESET / BLOCK
0xb0f6079676908aa908b424a2eb0780ef5f42f999  RESET / BLOCK
0x1e10136939a24f4bc4468cbd9fde55b4eead622a  RESET / BLOCK
0x37a8c0223ad688f2a79a2c11b1e9d3502d8ef0ac  RESET / BLOCK
0xaff705d357b478f258fb05341f9122fd81274394  RESET / BLOCK
0x89ca20f8849e50f3f14bdbce7e4e55c9b8037dad  RESET / BLOCK
0x4f4b8a7b041d1d5836e655db7543048dfdfdcdd9  RESET / BLOCK
0x73309c4052445b393f9906ed6be94f8824333057  RESET / BLOCK
0x0fea8aa60815ab2a33ee46f93f68badf387552fe  RESET / BLOCK
0x604e14556fe2083214be3fa774563a6729681959  RESET / BLOCK
0xe22658c8cf559326d72732a1a77d80919e9fc859  RESET / BLOCK
0xcf88e6b8ff9cbf8bfcbf2c1ca2176ea28a7b7764  RESET / BLOCK
0xc76f58055b16e7eb6637f9b2f813402fc0ec2c07  RESET / BLOCK
0xc3da9b46fed7e4a87758b8303ebc9ccc0452422e  RESET / BLOCK
0xc3f6c180f8a11f16bc259d986933d3b271d2ebf2  RESET / BLOCK
0x714f782c0fbca0d65e32c8446ba1f92b112b8440  RESET / BLOCK
0xa7277332cc2e9a2c0bf19a24039bc9ae4c76fe65  RESET / BLOCK
0x960cc327666a1559c3b667aaa3d8720c4952be18  RESET / BLOCK
0xa7969ac3feb54eeba0bf0b2c4be14b8c6ab99823  RESET / BLOCK
0xcc2473ab598140457a2233579134c6a4fb5931ef  RESET / BLOCK
0x06e9b105e3632bdd6f663f28e3e846e084453813  RESET / BLOCK
0xc6f84b8cce66375f317d05d34747e04c02480e42  RESET / BLOCK
0x1844fb3ae76cef5585421051f984338e7a6d3beb  RESET / BLOCK
0x9a482d310c3570c9edc58472f4f92d96b4f70e10  RESET / BLOCK
0x07c57f25bba3629017c757314a7dbbd93626120c  RESET / BLOCK
0xdba4369a77201176d17b6789a5773741193769c6  RESET / BLOCK
parents0xe56d90a266219329a38161d3fe2c9c51d509f33e2,496485RESET / BLOCK
0x115ff3528d26e7b0b08715614669d16d61175305  RESET / BLOCK
0x417e56f128f8d494a7a78a4752cac8388dc5debc  RESET / BLOCK
0x4ab9bc5a90a53417fadc328dc899e71d1146730e  RESET / BLOCK
0xa52dd9e7cd2c1d1dd25c6926813a4ebe3e8c51fa  RESET / BLOCK
0x355aa31db9de305468db1cf2250ef039ca7d5cba  RESET / BLOCK
0x706327cbf3975b25539fa90f4faa82c269c3955b  RESET / BLOCK
0x4f5fd0707237434da78b0a8c39cbe608a45bb6d8  RESET / BLOCK
0x867d78e123bdf20d250a17e523ced948f21b6c6e  RESET / BLOCK
0xf8178ca3e6fa0f158117cfa0f66c7ab2df704da1  RESET / BLOCK
0x2f18b99dafcf4c7de4c448c04f1045099f8f5f1c  RESET / BLOCK
0x22d7b249c93807919877592b89c7a12c34cbba9d  RESET / BLOCK
0x7a15177c57e86be1980bf941e5bdbb642650f493  RESET / BLOCK
0xc409e536c9fe4705b92e7dc297d79ad3720b0c7f  RESET / BLOCK
0xad8d27e80f106c783fc8b3f20d5d213a130ab4f4  RESET / BLOCK
0xbf633d8a163f7b2a49c3a4e2efaf4314be4eb89b  RESET / BLOCK
0xc1da65168de3c7009af563a1114b126aea79a55e  RESET / BLOCK
0x5d3233a10c2c27588c94048b32dd836aea6d0f98  RESET / BLOCK
0xabeaaf3293a9af160d04ff572f17e303a82665f3  RESET / BLOCK
0x4b901d8afed4fee3abd0310f611c5ea087a79e75  RESET / BLOCK
0x368ecd1af26c9cace16506cf326342ed3d3373e1  RESET / BLOCK
0x8571852b4a325b644c262e607e80dc3635a3f148  RESET / BLOCK
0xf3dcf249e0cb0bd3ef7fa375c289a04d72473dae  RESET / BLOCK
0x0752586d63b5ee72fafedf2618ed764e8ba0026f  RESET / BLOCK
0x10884eef63bedcbfa3f9ca0231c2c32f54870f56  RESET / BLOCK
0xf40c2a9169c4370f040419f91a0bb30088d608b1  RESET / BLOCK
0x4e9b4b8eebb2b2bb18f8b9d9406dba91284eba37  RESET / BLOCK
0x53323e7d35b950787b6b9aebe47f93ab48f9c690  RESET / BLOCK
0xda227366d99a59cea043483b642149693ce8688a  RESET / BLOCK
0x406dd9b7796417500efad48e75d86867a934b2e5  RESET / BLOCK
parents0x6c6c2e8464921e19fbeb7c5febeda1afdf82e50e2,374739RESET / BLOCK
0xe94d41e506e3984e45e14b094e23d3ccd5a37103 721RESET / BLOCK
0x5c884a64740d9c392b6377e511554f4217b5ceaa  RESET / BLOCK
0x107be22e886f678eb44c9764f395b999caa4906d  RESET / BLOCK
0x3a092b816efcf9829bb3ed7a7cc38cf0829a6353  RESET / BLOCK
0x8e9d9182e722ba48900012bb0c889109fde7270b  RESET / BLOCK
0x86d4594e6a6a1660ae1efc4f76b2e669673d2e3e  RESET / BLOCK
0x12bbd7e3b8b7152311c57595b0309fbca73759d4  RESET / BLOCK
0xb84c666e332b8c7973587ef9d6ccb166f945891e  RESET / BLOCK
0x68ee66116415bd4cbff423e148ee5e98f259361d  RESET / BLOCK
0xe51921c8f17bdfec77ce2155fdb368a77b66cb63  RESET / BLOCK
0x022f63213524040be4ddb0d146b55992c91ebd44  RESET / BLOCK
0xaea45a7af70d97a5f6ca99ff0778b04bb1d99533  RESET / BLOCK
0x69e2e2f63118376eb8060baf6a80e2c13cd3ae31  RESET / BLOCK
0xc4d71e6aa74d2c282bc9edc63954b4d54a9bba6d  RESET / BLOCK
0x1e43b954cede30464b48be6e7d4bc64b3d289671  RESET / BLOCK
0xc8b1b569a6b69751b98a117fbb1f16cff5024915  RESET / BLOCK
0xea8345acaa58b9c171996871d780750301669ad7  RESET / BLOCK
0x07c51f12fafffb17cfe25848c6eb6a9cd32d6bb0  RESET / BLOCK
0x2ecf55b843e90deb0b6d61b5fe56a4cb122fef4c  RESET / BLOCK
0xc5f9fb83b448a9903c299369f5e94229c9d15d1f  RESET / BLOCK
0x4e7991a9f73fd419fb218accc8f035b91268b94f  RESET / BLOCK
0x6314b4c5975e96ec4ef06cc0c820f19db4c39e97  RESET / BLOCK
0x32eac9509303110a4266f229ff95819687e41dbc  RESET / BLOCK
0x07f94fbd4ef67d50f1037b501e8737c20bb56c42  RESET / BLOCK
0xcc5164f914f00fba01a666703fc61321e926d2b8  RESET / BLOCK
parents0x313ec5227e2d3815da811146d4fb4313f874b00d691282RESET / BLOCK
0xfc58851dc15e36367262323441b204c0bbb053f2  RESET / BLOCK
0xea210cb3cb7ca0e576ef22b66b17824ada01798c  RESET / BLOCK
0x12aa9e41d3877950e8272de30303ae034ed6e7f6  RESET / BLOCK
0xc1fb4f1612b3eef7ce5dd439be7b064ab2d6ba75  RESET / BLOCK
0x897aeae457ee4c172a9b0373dd418b0a982121ad  RESET / BLOCK
0x98f8677ab8db0b3bc65c5ec907d97f24ac322c55  RESET / BLOCK
0x6c22ef07c39519b0f51e71cd6d86e9adc8c00252  RESET / BLOCK
0x2581a597793a7fc775a3ad71915833bd48d77c14  RESET / BLOCK
parents0xa8dad3b47b81b12cc0c2551de761d4ef12e7af28656674RESET / BLOCK
0xd202280eb5d08bd48a29f1f1a607e01b79359eeb 712RESET / BLOCK
0xd1b18209615295574591b95f12f13f99416a3dcd  RESET / BLOCK
0x9d6e8b650adafe0f1005cacf97099a0e670f064b  RESET / BLOCK
0x50f12b52d909ae7a00ad52dc38295e555df8e1b7  RESET / BLOCK
0x7d09e60debb38726ef70333c4a072a5ce2852eab  RESET / BLOCK
0xebb37fb99c817eee9eab6f0fe7872430b39df831  RESET / BLOCK
0xcb154650bf74980bfb6d75f6e074112c8fd067a0  RESET / BLOCK
parents0x30ba6ae02a1db3f327f1a8f7413fdb42e7db2b30626605RESET / BLOCK
0x2a943DC5430dfE530A5351590B6631C908d36884 402RESET / BLOCK
0x290Ddd161989BD1FC22FF4912ad8CB8E437D17aD 353RESET / BLOCK
0x997482b6C3aDa53de5B8A1B6fe746dec4520f7fC 341RESET / BLOCK
0xc978feb1Cd34Bf527E96e8c48cF4d4F5A7b666eE 219RESET / BLOCK
0x2AcdfD6C1E595151Dc52fd45cC373c1B809E773D 448RESET / BLOCK
0x163BfA8bef7E1F40b7907B28b78E62b80BDD5fE7 483RESET / BLOCK
0xAbD15C2fBb40667E3Dc6bDFda6777c7FDcd6Be50 373RESET / BLOCK
0x76d9D77Ada009287A652F1d35dcd3A4913BAE95e 690RESET / BLOCK
0x03F37A02232fFE4f10c7368B021E1e910C5E32E8 449RESET / BLOCK
0x4296D2f69C84EdE80319b03a7B9104E60983c139 605RESET / BLOCK
0x63481353Da0293C3FDafb39Db5A7e3F577669198 605RESET / BLOCK
0xFB91E3e6c8E78f7cE0daBbC3ad74829ee078c1bD  RESET / BLOCK
0xabD31eA1f1A1319e6E1Ab9FB1F6cCb1743f195F7  RESET / BLOCK
0x01c465498987a624224A1fC1c6578f813FD8E44f  RESET / BLOCK
0x477D0d3cAb496b9Fe65E9888C57F257017A28065  RESET / BLOCK
0xE8F4a349cBfFe1EDFBec7296482Ea47621aCb6A4  RESET / BLOCK
0x38aEeD0C73767fF554a0852bf2f66C0708A16826  RESET / BLOCK
0x10F1237Fd652370b1Ce367C92a79Cd529247DE35  RESET / BLOCK
0xBe4446c071d2450de7B6571d4Cc385B4A4fb867a  RESET / BLOCK
0x6deaeeBa1360BB45a71Bc1D11eeC8De47F85CB50  RESET / BLOCK
0xACDB126025766f57F16A8Eeaf9669D0324E06C6F  RESET / BLOCK
0x28E3eB9F7285808ae4710749896fc9853D3c9C94  RESET / BLOCK
0xFA7dbB3dfdfCB1b02Dd7D7e2b93F3801330EC667 772RESET / BLOCK
0x5ef148efae938cfcc27df9b7aa146cd5ffc8786d  RESET / BLOCK
0xbee8fb1907a8e327e0a28b8bfccd30494c1be82e  RESET / BLOCK
0xa529b8ce25ed69994787b69b6b5229774986b804  RESET / BLOCK
0x0c9487a5729b8bb7a128d05c3ae2dedcb4c650d8  RESET / BLOCK
0xb1bbd6de5525e247871bdcf5a99742871ee56970  RESET / BLOCK
0x2da447ae4e36c17910c9002f066eaa5e9eb59275  RESET / BLOCK
0xe1f36b0ac7365b231ae1051be7ab100df62610ba  RESET / BLOCK
0xb3be2050ed16769e924a9f14e013ea324b23d473  RESET / BLOCK
0xddce62430cc65e7ac773f080b198a1fe77ca7503  RESET / BLOCK
0x04c3145bdca8670848712fb0f59ef40e05b38893  RESET / BLOCK
0xa29fd4b504ac001fd76d25f5f2ddb802d1bc620f  RESET / BLOCK
0x8a0e31d35592cc3de4fa480273de740e6139d8b4  RESET / BLOCK
0x9ed5e820bc0533501dd4d9102902f5f63d7c82f9  RESET / BLOCK
0xd90cb0f54959ed70aa8dcf63fc1a99d0de9663ef  RESET / BLOCK
0x07ca9fe9aab4056d4de4215bfa884f31180f7104  RESET / BLOCK
0x28682b457737da25b488f8977af47937d43f3838  RESET / BLOCK
0x6faaefb21532993f221abf4d555533dd149d03f8  RESET / BLOCK
0x1a1abbe47562c52ba60eb9ebc6ac6f69d2086002  RESET / BLOCK
0xa4cadcf9fee6e5d9203ac163966972dfa8867e2c  RESET / BLOCK
0x115a5c9d8880122a17a8397ac09624423fa2066a  RESET / BLOCK
0x6deaeeba1360bb45a71bc1d11eec8de47f85cb50  RESET / BLOCK
0xabd31ea1f1a1319e6e1ab9fb1f6ccb1743f195f7  RESET / BLOCK
0xf2f60d0eaed45e7668e80d90141c1f7341c70923  RESET / BLOCK
0xbb1df474c39d04e37135ecd891b7d7ec45c02e72  RESET / BLOCK
0x1d6360b7d2588b3d631eadb32f0cc86bccc7ae77  RESET / BLOCK
0xf93adfa94dac67391883c092ee2dd2eb8342065c  RESET / BLOCK
0xD5C3C35B958bCEC41E342a7420cBF3357780Eef3 485RESET / BLOCK
2022-12-16 BLOCK LIST

According to the Terms of Use, you can file a justification for these actions within 14 days, and the justification is only possible if you can explain the following.👇

  • Prove your contract address. (attach BSCscan url & game nick name)
  • Find the level-up XTO reward record sent from our company’s account.
  • Explains how the level-up reward, which requires level 20-30, was achieved in 1 minute ‘without exploiting bugs’.

If you cannot explain the above, you will be regarded as an abusing user.

And, according to the Terms of Use, separate rewards were paid to those who reported important bugs that could cause the ecosystem to collapse for a month.

Please understand that we do not specify the type of bug in order to avoid trying the same bug rule.

0xf6…500 XTOFirst report of very serious bug discovery, holding conditions
0xc6…250 XTOFirst report of serious bug discovery
0xF2…30 XTOReport Serious Bug Findings
0xe6…Hunting Support PackageReporting of abusing users and methods

Instead of exploiting bugs,
if you report them to us, you can enjoy stable rewards.

If we make this game a healthy ecosystem, we think it will benefit all users who play. Please, it’s still a poor start, but I hope we can create a great ecosystem together.

In addition, we will continue to plan rewards for users who work hard for the community, ecosystem, and promotion.
We remember users who are actively working for the ecosystem.

We sincerely apologize for the huge confusion caused by bugs for several days.

thank you.

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