📢12.23 Client Update complete

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈

✅Today’s client update was completed.
Just download and run the new build from the Google Play Store.

⛔The registration of the modified client’s IOS build is delayed, so the party button may not be visible when connecting to IOS. As soon as store approval is complete, we will upload it as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

The details of this update are as follows.


  • During the beta test period, hero level up and skill level up are limited to level 45.
  • PK Leverage Zone, ‘Goblin’s Mine’ is tested.
  • ‘Goblin’s Mine’ is a test map, and the difficulty may be a little higher if you are not in a party state.
  • Materials that are dropped or mined in ‘Goblin’s Mine’ will become materials for weapons and orbs that will be added later. Currently cannot be crafted.
  • ‘Goblin’s Mine’ can be entered through the southern gate of ‘Cursed Tomb’.
  • Party play will be tested first with 2 players.
  • Party-only passive skills will be updated later.
  • A target lock button is created to the right of the normal attack button. If the target lock button is on, it will continue locking whenever the next target is created.

Convenience and rule improvement

  • It is now possible to purchase individually in the Item Market.
  • Auto setting function has been added. You can choose to gather/hunt, and you can turn off PK damage. You may not use certain skills.
  • 200 TP is required to use the auto setting function.
  • To sell items in the market, the cumulative TP must be 80 or higher.
  • To sell NFTs in the market, the cumulative TP must be over 300.
  • To swap XTO and Gold, your accumulated TP must be over 1000.
  • When you first purchase a 15-stat hero issued by EXTOCIUM, resale is prohibited for 30 days.
  • When you first purchase a 16-stat hero issued by EXTOCIUM, resale is prohibited for 20 days.
  • When you first purchase a 17-stat hero issued by EXTOCIUM, resale is prohibited for 5 days.
  • Resale restrictions apply only to newly minted NFTs.
  • ‘Total base stat’ is displayed in the hero’s list slot.
  • When the gathering button appears, the skill button does not disappear.
  • The joystick moves in a fixed state at the touched spot.
  • A warning message is displayed when hunting monsters that do not match your level range and are given a handicap.
  • A guide button is added to the left of the channel movement panel to quickly link to the guide, discord, etc.

bug fix & Balance

  • Fixed an issue where commas (. ,) could not be used in markets in some countries. -> There are some areas where this hasn’t been completely fixed. We are looking for the cause of the problem.
  • Improved access environment in some countries.
  • Cheese recipe and butter recipe changes are back to normal.
  • The sorting function in the gold market has been modified to work properly.
  • The overall agility value attached to each stage of the orb is significantly lowered, and the decimal point evasion rate is reflected. Previously created orbs are unaffected.
  • Lower tier weapons have a lower chance of attaching stats.
  • ‘Destroyed Star’ skill damage reduced by 5
  • ‘Mysterious Call’ skill damage reduced by 20
  • Decreased the percentage value of skills whose additional damage was set too high
  • Adjusted the damage range of the ‘annihilation’ skill to come to the center of the character
  • ‘Goddess of All Things’ Critical Rate Increase value lowered
  • Attack power increase buff skill collectively reduced by 5%
  • CON, WIZ recovery speed reduced by 0.1
  • Slightly reduced effect of CON on HP
  • Increased the effect of CHA on cooldown reduction

thank you.❤️

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