✅12.29 minor patch

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈

👉 🕔KST : 2022-12-29 04:30 PM (today’s patch)

Minor patch is scheduled.

server maintenance takes about 2-3 minutes.

◆ Reduced MP consumption of ‘Tammuz’s Blessing’, ‘Blessed Flower’, ‘Naughty’, and ‘Ishtar’s Gate’ skills

◆ Fix that the damage increase rate per skill level up of fan type weapon skills including ‘Point Attack’ was incorrectly reflected (increased to normal value / 5% -> 8%)

◆ ‘Bomb Throw’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Jump Attack’, where the damage increase rate per skill level up was incorrectly reflected (decreased to normal value / 10% -> 8%)

◆ Damage of ‘Black Light’ and ‘Sink’ skills slightly increased from 32 to 36 and range from 2 to 2.2

◆ Reload time of buff-type skills collectively lowered

◆ All monsters in the Agade Temple and Goblin Mine are changed to attack type aggressive.

◆ Slightly increased the effect of WIS on MP and increased the effect of WIS on MP recovery speed

◆ Slightly lowered the effect of CON on HP

◆ Increased the effect of DEX on critical hit bonus and skill critical hit bonus

◆ Increased the effect of CHA on cooldown reduction (1.4% reduction in cooldown per CHA), and other effects related to CHA’s critical strike and skill attack power.

◆ Beginner’s HP and MP potion recovery amount increased

◆ Healing, Magical Essence drop rate increased, and monster types that drop neutralizer items increased

◆ Decreased the amount of materials needed for crafting and consumption of gold, starting with the adventurer potion.

◆ Decreased the required PK point value to build up the PK level (return to the original version with the introduction of auto setting)

◆ Potion cooldown 11 -> lowered to 10 seconds

◆ Slight increase in EXP per level required to reduce energy by 1 (energy can be used longer)

◆ Slightly increased monster exp and increased damage after ‘Scavenger’

◆ Goblin Mine difficulty increased

◆ Slightly lowered the damage of ‘sheep…’ and increased the damage of other summons.

◆ The reload time of summons is 140 seconds, but the cases where it was set to 150 seconds have been modified.

◆ 100 energy potions can be purchased once a day with 8 XTO

◆ Fixed the problem that the cooldown application of some buff skills worked incorrectly

◆ Fixed a bug where buffs or summon skills could sometimes be used repeatedly

◆ Other minor bugs & balance fixes

✅ The reorganization issue of buff-type skills accompanies the client patch, so it takes a little bit of time. Thank you for your understanding.

thank you.

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