All battles in Extocium are real-time.
Check out the Battle Guide.

You can battle in real time with any monster or user in the field where multiple access is possible.

P2E online MMORPG EXTOCIUM - Battle Guide

When you drag the skill button, you can control the direction and location of the skill to fire.
The skill fires when you release the button being dragged.

If you click the skill button once, the skill will automatically fire towards the target.

There is also an auto button, so automatic hunting is possible.
However, as you level up, it can become a little difficult to enjoy a smooth hunt with autoplay alone.


P2E online MMORPG EXTOCIUM - Battle Guide

In Extocium, 2 hero skills, 1 weapon skill and 1 normal attack,
There are a total of 4 skill slots.
Each skill has the concept of reload and ammo count,
just like in FPS games.

If you want to make a good battle, you need to use strategic hit-and-run combat considering the ammo count of your skills.
Stronger skills have longer reload times and lower ammo counts.

In Extocium, P2E, PVP, and large-scale battles are possible in real time, so please explore various skill battle strategies suitable for the situation.


After 3 seconds of standing in place without the hero doing anything,
Starts natural recovery for HP and MP.
At the beginning of the game, natural recovery is very slow.
Investing in the hero’s CON and WIZ will speed up the natural recovery time.
Or, using potions is another way.

buff stacking

If you apply a buff of the same effect,
only the buff of the higher effect is applied.
However, food and skills can overlap even if the buff has the same effect.

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