What is an energy system?

The energy system is a very important element in Extocium.

The energy system is a very important element in Extocium.

Energy is a system in which items no longer drop when all the energy provided for a day is consumed.
This is necessary to prevent inflation of in-game items, including XTO, and to respect the value of items.

Energy rules:

  • Energy decreases by 1 when the user acquires a certain EXP according to the level of the hero being played.
    • If you hunt a monster lower than your level, energy is consumed according to the monster’s level standard. (The total hunting time for monsters of the same class and lower ranks is the same.)
    • If you hunt monsters higher than your level, your energy will drain faster because you will gain a lot of exp.
  • For example :
Hero Lv.exp required to consume 1 energy
2167 exp
3170 exp
4185 exp
exp required to consume 1 energy
  • When gathering resources, 1 energy is reduced when 10 resources are harvested.
  • The energy provided per day is 100, which does not accumulate and resets daily.
  • When you use all 100 of your energy, Items no longer drop and the amount of EXP gained is reduced to 30%.
  • If you want to hunt more during the day, you can purchase extra energy with BNB in ​​the shop.
  • Energy potions recharge your energy reserves.

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