NPC Parasiel buys your items from villages and shelters.
There are 5 items to be purchased.
Items are randomly updated every 4 hours.
Each shelter has different items to purchase.


Yeyilel is a banker who swaps XTO and gold.
If you want to swap your hard-earned gold for XTO, visit her.
Yeyilel also stores gold.

Keep it with her so you don’t lose the gold.
Storage is charged at 5% of the storage amount per time.
(XTO is not dropped or lost.)


Mebahel is responsible for storing items in villages and shelters.
Since all hunting grounds of Extocium allow bloody battles between users, you may lose valuable items in your inventory.
(NFTs are not dropped.)
In this case, keep the item in Mebahel.
It offers a total of 50 slots, and the more slots you keep, the more expensive it will be.


Gilgamesh buys abandoned letters from villages and shelters.
Buy letters from each hunting ground from the shelter that exists in each hunting ground.
His dream is to become the best novelist on the continent of Asterica.
the book he wants to make “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.

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