Check out the Stat Guide.
The stat system that is based on the battle in Extocium is divided into primary stats and secondary stats.
Each stat is set as default or optional for heroes, weapons, orbs, etc.
One of the goals of this game is to pursue better options for equipment through hunting and combat.


The primary stats are the six basic stats a hero has,
and the secondary stats are calculated based on these.

When creating a hero NFT,
the SP between min : 15 ~ max : 21 is randomly distributed to 6 stats.
Among these values, it is a rule that the value of 2 is distributed equally among the 6 stats first, and the remaining values ​​are distributed randomly.
The higher the stat value, the less likely it will appear.


When you level up by collecting exp through hunting,
you get 1 SP for each level up.
SP can be distributed among the 6 primary stats in each hero’s detailed information.

STAT GUIDE - reset

You can reset stats by purchasing the Book of Oblivion with XTO coins.
The primary stat value may be added depending on the options the weapon or orb has.
However, even if you proceed with stat initialization, the initial stats distributed when the initial NFT is issued do not change.

STRStrength⏫ Increases Attack Point,
SPEED ( 0.29% per 1 STR )
🔼HP, Critical Bonus, Critical Chance
DEXDexterity⏫Increase Critical Bonus, Critical Chance, Skill Critical Bonus, Skill Critical Chance,
SPEED ( 0.29% per 1 DEX )
INTIntelligence⏫Increases Skill Attack Point
🔼Skill Critical Bonus, Skill Critical Chance, MP
CONConstitution⏫Increase HP,
HP recovery per second
(Recovers 0.038% HP per second per 1 CON)
WISWisdom⏫Increase MP,
MP recovery per second
(Recovers 0.038% MP per second for every 1 WIS)
🔼Skill Attack Point, Skill Critical Bonus, Skill Critical Chance, HP,
SPEED ( 0.2% per WIS )
CHACharisma⏫Increase Skill cooldown reduction
(Each CHA reduces potion cooldown by 1.3%)
🔼Critical Bonus, Critical Chance, Skill Critical Bonus, Skill Critical Chance, Skill Attack Point, HP, MP,
SPEED ( 0.2% per CHA )
⏫very important 🔼reflect a little

You can also add primary stats through the random option system for weapons and orbs.
Since the primary stat’s stats are high, getting the primary stat option will be important.


All heroes and monsters in Extocium must have 1 attribute.
Attribute refers to the 7 properties of
dark, light, stone, water, fire, leaf, and force.
Damage is added according to the relationship
between strength and weakness of each attribute.

STAT GUIDE - profile

The secondary stat is calculated based on the primary stat.
Secondary stats are directly expressed in battle.
Extocium has no defense stats.
Please refer to the diagram below for a description of each item.

AttackPointNormal attack damage to enemies
HealthPointHealth point
ManaPointMana point
Critical BonusDamage added when critical strikes occur with normal attacks
Critical ChanceChance of Critical Strike in Normal Attack (%)
Skill Attack PointDamage dealt to the enemy when using the skill.
It is added to the skill attack point of the skill.
Skill Critical BonusDamage added when a skill critical hit occurs
Skill Critical ChanceChance of critical strike when using skill (%)
AgilityChance to evade attack (%)
Cooldown reductionIf this value is increased,
the skill’s reload time decreases.

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