XTO Coin Whitepaper v.1.1

Check out XTO Coin’s white paper in the pdf below.
The whitepaper is updated periodically.

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Download Whitepaper v.1.1 [4.20 MB]

How to get XTO Coins

XTO - Npc swap

If you earn gold through hunting monsters in the game,
you can go to the village NPC Yeyirel and pay a fee to exchange it for XTO.

Gold > XTO Swap

XTO - Swap

When gold is swapped for XTO coins, a 3% gold fee is paid.
The entity that issues XTO coins is the Extocium game.
Therefore, if you have XTO coins in the Metamask account linked to your game account, you can immediately swap them into gold without confirming the transaction.
All gold and gold fees paid for this transaction will be burned.

XTO > Gold Swap

XTO - gold swap

Swapping XTO coins for gold is the same concept as buying gold through the BSC network.
Therefore, transaction fees paid in BNB are paid.
This fee takes the transaction cost from the BSC chain, and Extocium cannot intervene in this fee case.

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