Hero Introduction – Tiamat

Hero Introduction – Tiamat

Hi guys.

This time I want to talk about Tiamat.

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Hero Introduction - Tiamat

Tiamat is the god of salt water in Babylonian mythology.
Another myth depicts a dragon with multiple heads.

In Extocium,
we recreated her as a female hero with the properties of water (sea).
Like her attribute of water, her cool battles are impressive.

One of the things you need to pay attention to in the battle of Extocium is “Status Abnormality”.
“Status Abnormality” is a debuff that makes the character unable to move.
If you can stop the movement of your opponent’s character beyond simply inflicting damage,
you’ll have a strategic advantage over your opponent.

If you can experience the battle of Extocium soon,
You’ll see how important it is to keep your distance from your enemies in the Extocium.
If you can easily expand or narrow the distance to the enemy,
It’s about gaining an advantage in battle.
That’s why it’s important to have a condition that can stop the enemy’s movement.

Skills such as black holes and stuns are examples of this.

Check out Tiamat’s story here.

Hero Introduction - Tiamat -front
Tiamat front
Hero Introduction - Tiamat - back
Tiamat back

Shall we take a look at Tiamat’s skills from now on?

When summoning a hero in Extocium,
2 of the 7 skills inherent in each hero are randomly selected.

What skills will you get?
Tiamat is a Water-attribute hero, and her skill pool is as follows.

SkillIconcontentsloot prob
WavesIncreases own Critical chance, Skill critical chance and Reduces Damage received.15%
Rain of destructionFires powerful water magic forward.
Deals Damage per tick to enemies.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
Water ballThe waterball is fired and returned like a boomerang.
Inflicts Damage per hit to enemies within range.
SinkingFires a ball of sucking water, pulling enemies within range. Enemies within range take Damage per tick.10%
Salt FlowerSprinkle salt flowers on enemies in front.
Enemies within range are briefly stunned,
Inflicts a corrosion debuff that deals Damage per tick.
Healing power of waterRemoves all status ailments
and recovers HP.
Increases own Damage.
Water StormSends a storm of water forward.
The water storm inflicts Damage per tick to enemies within range and moves forward until it dissipates.
Tiamat’s Skill List

Tiamat is special, and the only one among the 7 heroes
has a skill that negates these status ailments.
I fell into a black hole and was stunned,
so I can get out of it by using this skill.

Conversely, like a black hole,
it also has a skill that inflicts status ailments on the opponent.
how is it? Don’t you think she’ll be a pretty powerful hero?

She is a Water attribute,
dealing 12% additional damage to Fire and Light attributes.

I’ll come back with another story.
see you again.

Hero Introduction – Tiamat

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