Hero Introduction – Tammuz

Hero Introduction – Tammuz

Hi guys.

This time, I brought the story of Tammuz.

*All articles on this website are using Google Translate, so please understand if the words are a bit strange.

Hero Introduction - Tammuz

Before we get into the story, let’s have a little chat.
I’m glad that Ethereum’s pos conversion has ended successfully.

Extocium’s XTO token is built on Ethereum and runs on the BSC chain.
So, I hope that Ethereum’s fees will become cheaper so that more projects can work on the platform without burden.
Because the expanded ecosystem will make this platform more attractive and attract more users.

Extocium is looking at the smart contract world that Ethereum dreams of together.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the hero NFTs created in Extocium could work in other games as well?
For now, you can make your game hero simply an NFT owned by the user’s wallet, but
In the future, I want to put the game’s code in that NFT.

Now let’s go back to the story of Tammuz.
Tammuz is a Babylonian male god.
He is a hero created after the character of Dumuzi (Tammuz), who is called the god of plants.

Check out Tammuz’s story here.

Hero Introduction - Tammuz - front
Tammuz front
Hero Introduction - Tammuz - back
Tammuz back

Shall we take a look at Tammuz’s skills from now on?

When summoning a hero in Extocium,
2 of the 7 skills inherent in each hero are randomly selected.

What skills will you get?
Tammuz is a Leaf-attribute hero, and his skill pool is as follows.

SkillIconcontentsloot prob
Tammuz’s blessingRecovers own HP per second and Reduces incoming Damage.15%
Sheep Sheep Sheep3 rogue sheep are summoned.
The sheep are summoned and attack nearby enemies.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
Life is a Thorny roadSummons a thorn bush forward Inflicts Damage to the enemy.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
Flower of blessingRecovers all own HP.
Increases own Damage, Critical bonus, and Skill critical bonus.
Poisonous weedSpray a poison plate made of poisonous weed.
Enemies take Damage per tick while standing on the slate.
Piercing a thornInflicts a powerful thorn bush attack forward.
Deals Damage to the enemy.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
SuhyangmiFires a large amount of golden Soohyangmi forward.
Inflicts Damage per shot to the enemy, and the fragrant smell makes the enemies panic and pushes them back.
Tammuz’s Skill List

Tammuz mainly has circular range skills and recovery skills.
Laying poison slats, firing barbed slats, etc…
Being able to recover all HP with one shot is a special skill unique to Tammuz.

I personally like the poison weed skill.
Because when I use this skill, I feel like I’m drinking soda.
(This is a Korean word used to say refreshing or cool.)

Tammuz is a Leaf attribute, dealing 12% additional damage to Light and Water attributes.

I’ll come back with another story.
see you again.

Hero Introduction – Tammuz

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