Hero Introduction – Iskandar

Hero Introduction – Iskandar

Hi guys.

Today I brought another hero story.
The hero this time is Iskandar.

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Hero Introduction - Iskandar

The names of the heroes of Extocium are borrowed from the names of gods and heroes in history.

The Extocium Empire is an empire of gods in legend,
and the gods there are punished by fate for their sins of luxury and pleasure.

That is why the gods lose their immortal power and are reincarnated as human beings who can use the divine power.

Iskandar is another name for Alexander the Great, who pioneered the largest territory in ancient Greek history.
Iskandar in Extocium, like Alexander the Conqueror,
He is a hero who hides his burning desire for conquest.

Check out Iskandar’s story here.

Hero Introduction - Iskandar - front
Ishtar front
Hero Introduction - Iskandar - back
Ishtar back

Shall we take a look at Iskandar’s skills from now on?

When summoning a hero in Extocium,
2 of the 7 skills inherent in each hero are randomly selected.

What skills will you get?
Iskandar is a Fire-attribute hero, and his skill pool is as follows.

SkillIconcontentsloot prob
Great ConquerorCreates a shield that reduces enemy Damage.15%
End of the worldThrows a burning spear with a very long range forward.
Inflicts Damage per shot to the enemy.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
WanderingCharges forward and deals Damage to enemies within range.
The target is pushed back and becomes stunned.
Wrath of fireReduces own skill attack reload time.15%
Fighting SpritInstead of increasing own Damage, own agility decreases.15%
Will DestroySends a firestorm forward.
Firestorm deals Damage per tick to enemies within range and advances until extinguished.
Red BombardmentSummons a fire meteorite in a wide area
Deals Damage per tick to enemies within range.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
Iskandar’s Skill List

Iskandar, like his concept, has the property of fire.
Fire attribute inflicts 12% additional damage to Leaf and Stone.

Iskandal has skills specialized in attack,
Among them, there are many offensive buff skills.

It’s a way to reduce the cooldown of skill attacks or increase damage.

If you invest in STR and use a strategy to increase normal attack power, Iskandal will be a very suitable hero.

I hope this information will help you strategize.

I’ll come back with another story.
see you again.

Hero Introduction – Iskandar

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