Hero Introduction – Aruru

Hero Introduction – Aruru

Hi guys.

Finally, the last of the hero introduction!
Let me tell you the story of Aruru.

*All articles on this website are using Google Translate, so please understand if the words are a bit strange.

Hero Introduction - Aruru

There are a total of 7 heroes in Extocium.

We will add more heroes after the beta test.
However, the first principle that Extocium thinks is that the economic value of the NFT made in Extocium is maintained.

So, I try to avoid as much as possible that a new stronger hero comes out and lowers the value of the previous hero NFT.

So we’re thinking of solving this with a system called “inheritance”.
Currently, the most important factor in determining the NFT value of Extocium is the sum of Base Stat.

Because each primary stat affects a hero’s combat ability quite a bit.
So, when you call in a new hero through the “Succession” system, you’ll get the base stat value of the previous hero.

It’s not about creating a new NFT, it’s about evolving an existing NFT into a stronger object.

Aruru is the first hero on the continent of Asterica with the modifier “Wizard”.
The hero Aruru was named after the ancient Sumerian mother goddess Ninmah, another name for Ninhusag, Aruru.
He is also the one who sent Enkidu down to Gilgamesh in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

So, Enkidu and Gilgamesh appear in her skills too!

Check out Aruru’s story here.

Hero Introduction - Aruru - front
Aruru front
Hero Introduction - Aruru - back
Aruru back

Shall we take a look at Aruru’s skills from now on?

When summoning a hero in Extocium,
2 of the 7 skills inherent in each hero are randomly selected.

What skills will you get?
Aruru is a Dark-attribute hero, and her skill pool is as follows.

SkillIconcontentsloot prob
Goddess of allIncreases own Damage, Critical chance, and Skill critical chance15%
Clay of EnkiduSummons a powerful warrior Enkidu. Enkidu is summoned and attacks nearby enemies with Attack point.15%
Friend of EnkiduSummon Enkidu’s best friend Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh is summoned and fires powerful star fragments forward.
Enemies within range take Damage per shot.
Absolute FearFires a powerful dark sphere, dealing Damage to the enemy and reducing the target’s damage.15%
Awakening DespairThrows a slate that reduces the enemy’s movement speed. Enemies on the board take Damage per tick.10%
Destroying StarFragments of powerful stars are fired forward.
Enemies within range take Damage per shot.
Increases additional damage caused by compatibility.
Black LightFires a dark sphere that draws in enemies within range. Enemies within range take Damage per tick.15%
Aruru’s Skill List

Aruru’s skills slow the opponent’s movement speed,
There are a lot of “dark” skills that cause you to get status ailments.

Personally, I used it for fun when hunting monsters in large numbers.
I think you’ll have a pretty good edge in PvP too.

Aruru is a Dark attribute, inflicting 12% additional damage to Stone and Fire attributes.

I’ll come back with another story.
see you again.

Hero Introduction – Aruru

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