We are building a convenient Metamask trading environment.

Metamask trading environment

Hi guys.

Extocium is working hard today to build a convenient NFT trading environment even on mobile.

*All articles on this website are using Google Translate, so please understand if the words are a bit strange.

Metamask trading environment

We create an NFT exchange in the game, and induce gameplay and NFT transactions to occur naturally.

You will trade various heroes for better gameplay.
You sell your hero, and you buy someone else’s hero.

Or you can send your hero NFT directly from Metamask to someone else.
Of course, you should check the destination carefully, right? Transactions in MetaMask are entirely up to you.

Since you may be curious about the game Market, we prepared a guide video.

First, it is very easy to trade general items. You just have to trade like you normally do with MMORPGs.

Weapons and Orbs are divided into Normal Items and NFTs.
Very high level powerful equipment is set to NFT.

Normal items are traded in gold, and NFTs are traded in BNB.

Now, shall we register NFT in the market?

When registering an NFT on the market,
you need to obtain a trading permission from Metamask.

The NFT is your unique asset, and you are executing the contract on Metamask to put the NFT on the market.

The game automatically loads the MetaMask app when you request a trade.
However, if you use multiple MetaMask wallets,
the wallet account linked to your game account must be set as the main in MetaMask before requesting a transaction.

Otherwise, your transaction request may continue to be ignored.
Please refer to the FAQ for related information.

Next, shall we buy the Hero NFT from the market?

how is it? looks easy, right?

That’s a test version screen, so the in-game fee information may be different from the official version.
And on the screen, bnb testnet is used, but in the full version, Binance smart chain is used as a network.

Next time, I’ll bring you how to register your NFT with Metamask.

Metamask trading environment

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