🌟EXTOCIUM user event for AOZ holders

🌈Hello, We are EXTOCIUM.🌈

The AOZ Project and My Road Company are in partnership with EXTOCIUM. They take a portion of our partnership stake in our XTO and help us with marketing, white paper and legal advice.


This is part of an event under the Partnership Agreement.

✅AOZ holder + 200 XTO in total if you level up to level 15 after purchasing & equipping an EXTOCIUM hero NFT! (limited to 150 people)

  • How to purchase EXTOCIUM Heroes: Purchase by paying BNB through the Metamask connected to the in-game Market-Heroes section in the EXTOCIUM app
  • Access is required daily for 30 days

✅A total of 8 hero NFTs will be presented through a lottery among AOZ holders + EXTOCIUM subscribers!

▶️How to apply

🌟When accessing EXTOCIUM on the AOZ holder application board,
enter the created Game nickname and linked Metamask wallet address.

🌟Event application link after creating an EXTOCIUM account: ✅https://dyno.gg/form/210e66e6 ***

  • The collected information is delivered to the EXTOCIUM team every Sunday(KST) and is destroyed immediately after the event ends.
  • For daily access events, you can apply until KST : 2023/01/01 18:00, and no applications will be accepted after that.

The amount of XTO distributed through the event will be deducted from the Partners’ share of Allocations in the white paper.

We also inform you in advance that we may hold collaboration events with other projects.

thank you❤️

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